Face Liposuction Before & After Pictures in Charleston, SC

Our body’s remarkable ability to store fat in a multitude of ways can create a problem for those individuals who have a genetic tendency to store fat in the face. While wrinkles can change one’s appearance, fat in the face doesn’t just change your appearance, it takes away your old appearance, which was characterized by more prominent facial features, and it replaces it with a new, heavier set appearance with less detail, less nuance, and really less of you as you once appeared to be. There is hope though, and fat in the face is one of the signs of aging that if treated properly, can reveal a refreshed and rejuvenated you – just as you can see from past patients of Dr. Heidi Williams in these before and after photos. Take the time to review the remarkable results achieved by board certified, ASPS plastic surgeon Heidi Williams, M.D., for residents of Mt. Vernon, Charleston, Summerville, or any of the surrounding South Carolina communities, and then contact us to set up your consultation.

What makes us uniquely human is our facial structure, the utterly original elements of your jaw, your cheekbones, your neck and all of the many small structural details that make you look like who you really are. But when all those details and nuances are covered by the slow accumulation of fat, when the distinctive line of the jaw gets blurred by chubby excess fat, when the taut elegance or masculinity of the neck is hidden by stubborn deposits of excess fat that are resistant to diet and exercise, your true self becomes hidden to the world, and your quality of life may suffer as a result.

And while many people may very rightly focus on wrinkles as a sign of aging, oftentimes the appearance of wrinkles is exacerbated by fat in the face. Far too many people allow themselves to look older by default, sometimes even before they experience wrinkles, by allowing fat to accumulate on the face. Throughout your life, weight gain or loss, sun damage, and other natural factors can contribute to your face’s changing appearance, but eliminating fat in the face is the best option for improving the appearance of your natural appearance so you can look like your best you and enjoy life as you should.

Please take a look at these before and after photos of real patients of Dr. Williams, and you will appreciate the subtly dramatic way that years can be pulled away, and a more youthful appearance can be restored just by eliminating and extracting unnecessary fat that lowers your quality of life. Then, imagine what the change could do for you, and contact us to set up your consultation with Dr. Williams.

Remove years from your appearance with a non-surgical treatment that addresses fat in the face which can be stubbornly resistant to diet and exercise. Review these before and after pictures, and then schedule your consultation now at the office of board certified, ASPS plastic surgeon Dr. Heidi Williams, M.D., for those residents of Mt. Vernon, Charleston, Summerville, or any of the surrounding South Carolina communities who want excellent outcomes from a compassionate and caring team who utilize the absolute latest in medical technologies to help you get the look you want!