Flanks Liposuction in Charleston, SC

The flanks are a common problem area for many women. Flanks, sometimes referred to as love handles, comprise the undefined area where the stomach meets the back. Liposuction on the flanks is effective at defining the hips and waist region and reducing the appearance of love handles. Residents of Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, Summerville, or any of the surrounding South Carolina communities, Heidi Williams, M.D., is a board-certified, ASPS Plastic Surgeon, who specializes in flanks contouring, and in helping her patients achieve their overall body contouring goals.

Why are the Flanks a Problem Area?

The flanks are often a problem area because they are notoriously difficult to control with diet and exercise. Many exercises aim at strengthening the obliques and toning the flanks, but for too many people, the stomach may be flat, but the pear-shaped waist and hips remain unchanged in spite of exercise. Many women feel particularly self-conscious about having extra fat in their flanks because it is visible in one’s clothing. Excess fat in the flanks can hang over the side of your pants, bathing suits, and underwear making the shape visible even underneath shirts and dresses.

The flanks are a common source of insecurity and frustration for women. Because the flanks are a difficult body area to contour with diet and exercise, liposuction is an effective solution to minimizing the appearance of flanks. Liposuction in the flanks can enhance your overall silhouette, helping clothes to fit better, and increasing your self-confidence.

Who is a Candidate for Liposuction in the Flanks?

Individuals struggling with excess fat in the region of their flanks, or love handles or hips, may benefit from liposuction. Typically, individuals who are only slightly overweight or are currently at a healthy weight will see the most drastic results from liposuction in the flanks.

How Does Liposuction in the Flanks Work?

In liposuction, a small incision is made and strategically placed in a discreet area. A small tubule is inserted underneath the skin through the incision and fat is gently suctioned from the body. The incision is closed, and the procedure is then complete. While initial results are visible immediately, full results are observed in a few weeks’ time as the body recovers. The results typically last as long as the individual’s weight remains the same.

Additional Body Contouring Problem Areas

Additional Problem Areas

If your flanks are a source of insecurity, it may be time to consider liposuction as the long-term solution to your frustration. Excess fat in the flanks can be difficult to disguise and resistant to exercise efforts, making this area a popular choice for the effective and safe liposuction procedure. Contact board-certified, ASPS plastic surgeon Dr. Heidi Williams, M.D., who offers flank contouring liposuction procedures to residents of Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, Summerville, and the surrounding South Carolina communities.