Gynecomastia in Charleston, SC

Following puberty, some men tend to develop excess packets of fat in their chest, or breast areas, which are resistant to diet and exercise. For those men of Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, Summerville, and the surrounding South Carolina communities who suffer from enlarged male breasts, Heidi Williams, M.D., is a board-certified, ASPS Plastic Surgeon, who specializes in male breast reduction, or gynecomastia.

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a condition in men which causes one or both breasts to become enlarged. Most men with gynecomastia experience this change following puberty, but some men can experience the condition later in life. Gynecomastia does not pose any health risks, but it can be an embarrassing and troublesome condition for men. Many men feel gynecomastia is a social problem, and they feel self-conscious about their appearance in and out of clothing. Sometimes, gynecomastia can resolve itself naturally, but other times surgery is necessary to reverse its effects.

What is Male Breast Reduction?

Male breast reduction is a minimally invasive surgical procedure to reduce the volume of breasts in men. The chest is reduced to a firmer, more masculine appearance that many men feel eminently more comfortable with following gynecomastia. During the procedure, the Dr. Williams will make a single small, strategically-placed incision and remove the breast tissue before closing it. There’s minimal scarring, and the results of the procedure are permanent.

What are the Side Effects of Male Breast Reduction?

Male breast reduction is a safe, effective procedure with minimal side effects. Because the incision is small and strategically placed, scarring is very discreet and can go unnoticed after the full healing period. Men typically return to work within a week, and full physical activity is fully possible just weeks afterwards. Immediately following the procedure, any discomfort can be managed with prescribed medications from the plastic surgeon.

What are the Benefits of Male Breast Reduction?

Male breast reduction is often a procedure than men cite as completely necessary for self-confidence. Gynecomastia, or enlarge male breasts, can be a psychologically damaging condition that can lead to negative effects such as low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and social withdrawal. Male breast reduction often helps men feel more masculine and helps them get back to being themselves again, following gynecomastia. Male breast reduction, when performed by a certified plastic surgeon is a safe, effective way for men to feel confident in their bodies again.

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It’s time to start seeing results in your body. To learn more about targeting male breast reduction, contact the office of board-certified, ASPS plastic surgeon Dr. Heidi Williams, M.D. today. Dr. Heidi Williams takes an individualized approach and is happy to discuss the best treatment options for male breast reduction (gynecomastia). Utilizing only the most advanced techniques, Dr. Heidi Williams offers safe and effective problem area solutions to the men of Mount Pleasant, Charleston, Summerville, and surrounding South Carolina communities.