Knee Liposuction in Charleston, SC

Knees are often unsightly and something we try to cover them with clothing due to insecurity. Because it’s difficult to naturally control the appearance of our knees, liposuction is an effective way to permanently change how the knees look in a discreet way. If you reside in Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, Summerville, or any of the surrounding South Carolina communities, Heidi Williams, M.D., is a board-certified, ASPS Plastic Surgeon, who specializes in addressing problem areas such as the knees, and in helping her patients achieve their body contouring goals.

Why are the Knees a Problem Area?

The knees are a problem area because they often appear swollen, knobby, or unsightly even when compared to the surrounding regions of the leg. How many times have you heard someone exclaim, “I hate my knees!” out of frustration over this body part? Many people feel their knees are scars on their legs, and they work hard to cover them up with long dresses or skirts, or exclusively wear pants because their knees are a source of insecurity.

When people are insecure about their knees, it can be incredibly difficult to overcome the insecurity as they do not improve in appearance with age. Knees can be unsightly due to genetics, past damage, weight change, or health conditions. If a person is very self-conscious about their knees because they look “jiggly” or have rolls above or below them, liposuction can be a successful solution.

Additional Leg Liposuction Problem Areas

Additional Problem Areas

Can I Get Liposuction in My Knees?

While it’s somewhat common for someone to be insecure about excess fat in the abdomen and consider liposuction as a viable solution, many people overlook this when considering the knees. If excess knee fat is bothering you or posing an inconvenience to your life, then liposuction is absolutely an effective way to diminish the problem.

The modern techniques used in liposuction have transformed the technique into such a strategic, gentle procedure that it can be done around delicate areas, including joints and knees. In the knees, liposuction can be done around the kneecap to reduce excess fat from bulging in that area. In fact, knee liposuction procedures can affect the silhouette of the legs and make the entire leg appear longer and slimmer.

If you’re self-conscious about your knees, you are not alone. It may seem as though unsightly knees are just something you need to cope with, but there is a safe and effective way to fix the problem. Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that can banish knee fat in just one visit. Contact board-certified, ASPS plastic surgeon Dr. Heidi Williams, M.D., who offers knee contouring liposuction procedures for the knee as a problem area to residents of Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, Summerville, and the surrounding South Carolina communities.