That Perfect Pink

If you are anything like am, you are always on the hunt for that perfect lip liner and lipstick combination, not too pale, yet not too in-your-face. So what do you know? I found a beautiful lip combination right here in my own office. It should have occurred to me way before now, since I am the one who ordered these colors. I am Ginny Brogan, the makeup artist at Mount Pleasant Medi Spa. I order for Dr. Williams private label cosmetic line. Last weekend, I was experimenting with colors to find the perfect pink that would complement bridesmaid dresses for my next bridal client. I filled my lips in with Love Story, which is a long lasting formula, another bonus for the wedding day. Then, I put Unicorn in the Ultimate formula on top. The lip color created with these two products was stunning. Check out Dr. Williams Instagram post where I am modeling this particular look 

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