Ultra Sheen and Crisco

Deciding to turn over a new leaf and start protecting your skin feels very similar to committing to a budget or going on a diet. There is a sense of deprivation. So great, there is one more fun thing that you have to stop doing. I know, I know, we all like to look sun kissed.

As a teen, I went about applying baby oil with iodine, Crisco, and yes even Ultra Sheen to achieve golden goddess status. When I became an adult I was able to afford new ways to age myself exponentially, visits to the tanning bed. Girls! Stop the insanity before it is too late. The damage can only be reversed to a certain degree.

Here I am now, middle aged and wanting soft, smooth, even textured skin like the beauties I see on the movie screen. Fortunately, with a little help from Dr. Williams and the girls at the Mount Pleasant MediSpa, I have come darn near to achieving this! My skin looks better now than it did 10 years ago. My skin is luminous, the texture is smooth, and there is very little hyper pigmentation. To maintain this newly obtained awesomeness, I use a sunscreen. It is part of Dr. Williams’ pharmaceutical grade skin care line. My favorite is the Moisturizing Antioxidant Sunscreen. It behaves like a BB cream.  It has no fragrance or pore clogging ingredients. My foundation layers over it flawlessly. To further protect my skin, I use the mineral foundation from HW Cosmetics. This is a private label makeup line that Dr. Williams is proud to offer her patients. I am particularly excited over the HW Cosmetics, because I will be available on Wednesdays to show you how to obtain a summer glow without the sun damaging effects. Keep a look out in your email; we will be announcing an exciting July special to introduce me, Ginny Brogan, and the new HW Cosmetics Summer Collection. I’ll show you how protecting your skin can feel like a treat!

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