VASER Hi-Def Liposuction in Charleston, SC

VASER® High Definition Liposculpture, or VASER® Hi-Def, is the ideal body contouring procedure for individuals from Mount Pleasant, Charleston, Summerville, or the surrounding communities seeking advanced contours of the body for a more athletic, sculpted look. VASER® Hi-Def is offered in Mount Pleasant, SC, by board-certified, ASPS plastic surgeon Dr. Heidi Williams, M.D.

What is VASER® Hi-Def?

VASER® Hi-Def is also called VASER® High Definition Liposculpture or Assisted High Definition LipoSculpture and is a body contouring technique. VASER® Hi-Def is for individuals seeking a very highly defined look for the targeted areas of the body and who is considered a sculpting, versus suctioning, lipo procedure.

How Does VASER® Hi-Def Work?

VASER® Hi-Def is a form of traditional VASER® liposuction. VASER® Hi-Def procedures use advanced ultrasound technology to break down only fat cells in the targeted area before removing them from the body. This step in the procedure ensures removal of maximum fat cells while leaving the surrounding tissue undamaged.

The next step in the VASER® Hi-Def procedure is what makes it unique from traditional VASER® liposuction procedures. Once the fat cells in the targeted area are broken down and removed, Dr. Williams uses a gentle suctioning technique to sculpt the underlying muscle tissue in the area. The muscles are sculpted and chiseled for visible results and combined with fat removal, truly helping to redefine the shape of the body. Dr. Williams is one of very few board certified plastic surgeons in the state to be VASER® Hi-Def certified.

What are the Benefits of VASER® Hi-Def?

VASER® Hi-Def is a unique procedure in its ability to contour the muscles of the body. No other procedure can chisel abs into the body without significant exercise. VASER® Hi-Def allows our doctor to sculpt a “six pack,” pecs, lats, obliques, and more using this specialized technique. The results are typically most noticeable after three weeks and last for as long as the patient remains the same weight.

VASER® Hi-Def is a cutting-edge technique to remove fat and sculpt the muscle underneath for unbelievable results. Sometimes, we can get frustrated by our lack of progress using traditional methods including diet and exercise, but VASER® Hi-Def provides a new solution. Contact us today to learn more about this procedure. To learn more about targeting your problem areas, schedule your consultation with the office of board-certified, ASPS plastic surgeon Dr. Heidi Williams, M.D. today. Dr. Heidi Williams takes an individualized approach and is happy to discuss the best treatment options for you depending on your specific desired outcome. Utilizing only the most advanced techniques, Dr. Heidi Williams offers safe and effective problem area solutions to residents of Mount Pleasant, Charleston, Summerville, and surrounding South Carolina communities.